Harperbury Free School
Radlett, Herts

Harperbury School

Harperbury will use the latest technology to make the learning the best it can be. Every student and teacher will have use of their own personal computer or tablet, replacing some of their exercise books. This means they can download tasks then upload their answers, add in spoken or video comments, collaborate with others – from outside school if needed. We will have specialised apps designed for different lessons; in some cases, this e-learning will be completely personalised, interacting with each student to create the ideal learning experience.

Students will learn how to make the most of ICT resources, how to use it safely, as well as using their own device to organise their work. There will be a virtual learning platform where teachers publish resources and tasks as well as access to selected resources from the internet. Pupils will communicate with each other and staff using a school e-mail system.

Personal details, along with attendance, academic progress, reports and behaviour data will all be stored securely on our management information system and parents will all have a log-in to access and check this at any time.