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Radlett, Herts

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Real world tasks, local area partners and project-based learning

At Harperbury we are passionate, not only about preparing our students for life in the 21st century, but also about enabling them to compete with students from the very best schools nationally.

Education in our very top schools affords students a confidence, articulacy and access to a network of contacts standing them in excellent stead for the next stage in their lives. We aim to provide our students with a broad range of experiences by giving them exposure to the real world using our local area partners. Over twenty local organisations have already signed up, including experts in their field who will inspire our students and prepare them gradually for the adult world. This is one of several ways in which the local community will contribute to the education of our students.

Employers often express the desire for a fuller range of skills in school leavers such as communication, collaboration and leadership. We will ensure that these proficiencies are taught explicitly at Harperbury with sessions specifically designed to develop employability skills.

Our real world tasks will also give students the opportunity to combine these skills with their academic knowledge to solve a practical real-life problem. Our local area partners will take a role alongside teachers in setting the tasks and will help to assess the finished outcomes during project exhibitions to which local stakeholders such as parents, neighbouring residents and other business people will be invited.

Our Key Stage 3 curriculum is delivered using a range of methods. While some of the lessons will be taught in a traditional way, teachers also harness some of the best practice from primary schools in utilising project-based learning. Critical to the success of this work is that it contains a high level of subject content and academic skills and is taught and assessed with the same rigour as a more traditional approach. All of our teaching is designed to be challenging, meaningful, and is meticulously planned by staff in order to raise academic standards.