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As well as using information from primary school teachers, at the start of Year 7 we will give each pupil a series of diagnostic tests. This will help to plan the delivery of lessons so that every child’s needs will be met and all can be challenged to achieve their full potential.

Every student’s learning will be assessed informally by each of their teachers every three weeks. These assessments will include both knowledge and skills and everyone will be aware of how they are being measured, what their scores mean and (perhaps most importantly) how they can rise to the next level. Each child will meet their tutor to discuss the assessments, and the outcome of these meetings will be shared with parents. More formal assessment will take place at the end of each term and this too will be reported to parents.

Tutors and Heads of Year will analyse the assessment data, and it will be compared with information from the diagnostic tests; students will be offered support if there are areas of weakness or if they are not realising their potential.