Harperbury Free School
Radlett, Herts

Why did the school not open in 2014?

The purchase of the site is a complex process and is handled by the Education Funding Agency. Our chosen site, the former Harperbury Hospital had a range of complex issues and so the negotiations were delayed.

Another site, the Parkbury Industrial Estate, was offered instead, but the governors felt that this was unsuitable and dangerous and could not agree to it.

In previous years free schools were permitted to open in temporary accommodation before the permanent site was secured, but a policy was introduced in 2014 which stopped this from happening. The Schools Minister, Lord Nash, therefore made the decision to defer the opening of the School until 2015. A vigorous campaign was launched by parents and local MPs and governors approached the ministers personally, but this decision was upheld. There was, however, a firm commitment to opening the School in 2015.