Harperbury Free School
Radlett, Herts

Harperbury School Harperbury School

We have very high expectations of all members of the school community; integrity and mutual respect are fundamental to our ethos. We believe in empowering our students to make Harperbury a safe, welcoming environment and will encourage everyone to take responsibility for their actions.

Our guiding principles are:

  • All members of the school community will show respect for each other, their achievements, their property and the school
  • Every member of the school will do their very best in their role, whether teaching, learning or support
  • No pupil will be permitted to disrupt the learning of others

Good effort and behaviour in school and on activities will be recorded, reported and rewarded. The school will also have a strict discipline policy and we will not tolerate behaviour which is disrespectful to others, harmful to people, their property or the school or disruptive to learning. There will be sanctions, which involve putting things right where appropriate, for those who do not adhere to these standards.