Harperbury Free School
Radlett, Herts

Harperbury School Harperbury School Harperbury School

Being involved in a school club is a great way to stay active, meet new people and gain new skills. Harperbury will offer a broad range of activities and clubs throughout the year. Clubs will be organised by staff volunteers and in some cases by the students themselves – helping them to gain organisations skills and confidence.

Many clubs will follow traditional lines – chess, dance and drama clubs for example. Clubs covering real world scenarios such as politics and entrepreneurship will also be encouraged to help to sharpen debating skills and broadening perspectives.

The green nature of our proposed school environment will also stimulate clubs exploring factors such as forestry, wildlife and conservation and environmental issues.

A news club will include students who are interested in journalism and enjoy reporting and writing. The first intake will establish a school newspaper featuring the schools progress, successes and its partnerships – telling our story through the eyes of the students, and in time this will develop to Harperbury Radio and on-line video streaming.

Some of these clubs will run at lunch, while others will take place during enrichment.