Harperbury Free School
Radlett, Herts

Harperbury School Harperbury School Harperbury School


It is our great pleasure to introduce you to Harperbury Free School – a brand new secondary school where traditional values and the most inspirational teaching will combine to create the highest academic standards. We are looking forward to seeing our first group of Year 7s walk through the doors to begin their exciting secondary education.

We have invested a lot of time researching the highest achieving and most innovative schools in the country and, as a consequence, we believe that our curriculum offer, our plans for teaching and the organisation of our school really are second to none.

Our aim is to develop our students so that they are excellent learners, curious to enquire, equipped with the skills to investigate and understand. More than that, we will prepare them for their future lives so that they leave school with the skills needed in the workplace, a strong sense of responsibility, a moral compass, and the perspective to understand and take on their individual role.

Harperbury is firmly rooted in the local community, supported by parents, local businesses and a range of other organisations. It will serve local children, the majority of whom will live only a few miles from our gates. We have no entrance exam, fees or religious membership to gain entry. All we ask for is the desire to learn, ambition to succeed and a keen sense of teamwork.

We aim for Harperbury students to attain academic excellence ? the highest exam results, entry to the best universities and worthwhile jobs ? and our learning programmes are designed to maximise the attainment of each individual. With a holistic approach, we also strive to excel at a range of sports, put on spectacular shows and contribute valuable work in the community.

We expect the highest standards in work and behaviour from all our pupils, and we hope that their days at Harperbury are enjoyable as well as formative. Our motto is Vitae Operique Parati “Prepared for Life and Work” and this is exactly what our students will be.

In ten years’ time, if our alumni are confident men and women, with a strong sense of purpose and the expertise to take their place in the world, we will have achieved our aim.

Welcome to Harperbury ? where life’s journey begins.