Harperbury Free School
Radlett, Herts

Harperbury School Harperbury School Harperbury School

Our vision is of a school with outstanding exam results and a well-deserved reputation for academic rigour delivered through an innovative and enterprising curriculum.

Harperbury Free School students will come from all faiths, ethnicities and backgrounds. We will create a motivational learning culture where everyone, whatever their ability, is challenged to do better and supported to achieve their best.

Our students will have excellent attitudes towards learning which they will carry with them into university or the world of business and commerce.

We will cater for the well-being of pupils emotionally as well as educationally and physically. They will be confident, articulate and well-rounded individuals, who will achieve the very best of their academic potential and be prepared for a wide range of social and professional situations.

Harperbury is committed to developing its staff to ensure they are always at their professional best. In practice this means time in the week dedicated to training and collaborative planning, as well as providing opportunities for staff members to take initiative and apply their own ideas.

We see our school as an active part of the local community, and this community, with its people, businesses and other organisations, as vital constituents in our curriculum and educational programme. Harperbury alumni will be kind, honourable and considerate citizens who genuinely know the meaning of respect for others and will be keen to participate in society in positive and productive ways.

We will give everyone a voice and opportunities to shape their ideas and together we will set a new standard of what a school can be.

Our School

  • is a mixed gender, non-selective, non-denominational, free school serving the local area
  • is a centre of excellence where pupils and staff grow professionally and personally

Our Curriculum

  • includes a wide range of subjects, academic, creative and practical, within a holistic framework
  • meets needs of all, extending and accelerating the brightest, providing support according to need
  • draws on the best education models from around the world with innovative and modern methods and use of the latest technology
  • develops the skills of learning including independence, collaboration, resilience and curiosity through a range of teaching methods
  • prepares pupilsstudents for university and the ever-changing workplace by creating learning opportunities based in the real world

Our Students

  • strive to achieve their academic potential as well as high standards in a range of other activities
  • have self-discipline, self-management and work hard
  • are confident, creative and enterprising
  • are active and healthy
  • show respect to others and value the contribution of all
  • are exemplary world citizens, with integrity, honour and high moral standards